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Andre Aquino

3RD NAIL RISING Began as a project in May of 2006, with John Stockman leading the group by playing Guitars and Vocals. Brian Morgan became apart of the group in November 2006. After a temporary drummer could not commit. Marty interviewed and completed the group in March of 2007. Marty Left the band in mid November of 2013. After Playing for many years and developing our style doing shows around Florida, we have decided to take the band up several levels for a more polished, tighter and more melodic style. A raw, power-groove, adrenaline pumping 3 piece with an edge was produced. We released our first studio album in 2008, then our "Live" album in 2010. The band has released the single WHO AM I, which is on the 3rd album VELOCITY. The single was released on 10-4-14, with  drummer/producer Rob Coates as a session player on the drums. Robs Playing and ideas have brought the band to another level. The rest of the album VELOCITY is due around February of 2015. 


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